How What We Do Supports Your Medical Legal Cases


Chronology & Timeline

Let us do the heavy lifting!  Our LNC is extremely efficient at deciphering medical records. A meticulous comprehensive record analysis and review will be performed in an expeditious manner.  Our nurse expert will review the facts of your case, understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions.

We offer accurate medical chronologies, timelines and summaries that emphasize all medical encounters and events that are pertinent to your case.  (formats based on client preference).

Organizing and summarizing records.  

Free up your paralegals by asking us to organize your medical files.   Records are sorted into the correct categories such as MD progress notes, nurses notes, medication records, consults, office visits,  etc.

Then each section is organized in chronological order from the date your client was admitted into a facility and onward.

This allows you to have quick access to important information and allows us to spot any missing records which can be vital to a case while there is still time to obtain these documents.

A report will be prepared to highlight the extent of injury, dates and frequency of treatments, providers of service and preexisting conditions that were affected or made worse by an injury.

We will assist you to determine the value of each case, whether you are a defense or plaintiff attorney.


Identifying tampering and missing records


The information in a medical record can make or break a case.  Families and/or patients rarely have reason to question the accuracy of their medical records.  However, when something untoward has happened and a poor outcome has occurred, many may be fearful that the healthcare practitioners will go in and alter the record in some way.  Documentation can be changed and sometimes whole pages can go missing.   Sometimes it is not so obvious and it becomes a matter of just putting the pieces of the puzzle together to see what is suspect or missing.


Conduct Valid Literature Searches

Our experienced Legal Nurse Consultant team will research and summarize authoritative medical and nursing literature while integrating the results of the literature search into the case analysis.

Research assists in uncovering information critical to the success of a medical-legal case.


Risk Free Guarantee

Overton Legal Nurse Consultants offers a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work product, notify us within 10 business days and we will revise our work product to meet your specifications.


“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.”
~ Daniel Patrick Moynihan



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